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Graphic depicting a neighborhood with children and parks.

What is a Neighborhood Purpose Grant:

A Neighborhood Purpose Grant is applied for by a 501 (c) 3 Non-profit organization or an LAUSD public school to request a grant from the Neighborhood Council that will benefit the community or serve a public purpose.

Steps to apply:

  • Due to the fast approaching deadline for the close of the NC's fiscal year, we will be accepting applications for 2 weeks (4/28/21 thru 5/11/21) instead of the standard 30 days. 

  • Fill out the application found on the City Clerk's website here.

  • Submit completed application and all required documents by email to

  • Once approved, applicant must fill out an accountability form to show the Board and community how the grant was used.

  • Additional details:

    Grant Award Criteria Grant awards will focus on civic engagement in the community of Wilmington:

  • Promote the community of Wilmington through safety & health, science, education, history, training, sports, arts, theater, interactive learning.

  • Engage the community by awareness, holiday events, Summer activities.

  • Promote workforce development, technology, environment.

  • Tell us why you wish to receive the grant funds and how you plan to use the funds to promote engagement in our community

  • Please plan to attend our WNC Governing Board Monthly Meetings so you will have the opportunity to promote your nonprofit.

  • If you should receive a Neighborhood Purpose Grant from our WNC your participation will be encouraged in order to apply in the future.

  • Add our logo to your event flyer for WNC sponsorship

  • Invite us to your event and allow us to host a WNC booth and announce the Wilmington Neighborhood Council as a sponsor.

  • Return to one of our Governing Board meetings to elaborate on how the event went and how you gave back to the community. 

  • Sign up on our Constant Contact list to receive our email notifications..

  • Organizations must be nonprofit with a 501 (c) 3 tax- exempt status to apply for our Wilmington Neighborhood Purpose Grant, and funds must be spent within the WNC fiscal year granted.

  • The Wilmington NC Budget & Finance Committee will review and submit the applications to the full board for approval. Funds for this grant program come from the City of Los Angeles tax dollars and the Neighborhood Council annual budget.

  • Applications must be complete. Do not leave anything blank. Please attach the required documents below:

    • 501-c3 Tax ID number and Certificate W-9

    • The letter of determination from the Internal Revenue

    • Be mindful of possible conflict of interest

    • Certificate

  • The Neighborhood Council seeks to promote civic engagement in government and make government leaders more responsive to our community needs. To promote a better quality of life for our community as we live, work and play. Community outreach is an effective way to engage the community. One way to accomplish this is by helping those who give back to our community.

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